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murdoch's wife moved quickly to protect her husband. the drama that could go well beyond britain. >> here in london today, just as this gripping testimony of rupert murdoch and his son james was wrapping up, testimony that this country has been wanting to hear for many weeks now, in a story that's become global, something else happens and it was strange. you could see in the video someone suddenly comes up behind rupert murdoch. he seems to be holding a tin. it's alleged now it contained shaving cream. he attempts to hit rupert murdoch in the face with it. it halted the proceeding for ten minutes or so. but then it continued with ruppert and his son saying they did not know the extent of this hacking, and when they did get word it could be bigger, they did everything right. >> ultimately you are responsible for this whole fiasco? >> no. >> you're not responsible?
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who is responsible? >> the people that i trusted to run it. and then maybe the people they trusted. >> then we waited for rebekah brooks to come in. she was the editor at the time this alleged hacking was going on. we all waited for her to say something, but that did not happen. she didn't know about hacking, she never condoned it or sanctioned it, she didn't know about payments to police. she never condoned or sanctioned that. some of her questioners were saying, isn't it incredible that you did not know of any of this? she said, yeah, maybe it is incredible but i just didn't know. >> that was michelle kosinski reporting from london. rebeckah brooks was arrested sunday in connection with scotland yards' investigation into the allegations of hacking and bribery. federal authorities have made arrests in at least three states in connection with the investigation of a computer hacking group that calls itself anonymous. among those arrests is a contract ploy of at&t who's accused of using his access to
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acquire information and post it online in file sharing sites. now to the hot weather, it's stirred up some storms across the region. doug's in the weather center with a look at what neighbors are getting hit and at this extreme heat that's only going to get worse. >> it's going to get a lot worse out is there, jim. we have high temperatures that reach 97 degrees in the district so far. 94 with a heat index of 100. some areas are getting relief. most of those in maryland, now even parts of virginia starting to see some relief in the form of a thunderstorm warning. this is for washington county into maryland. frederick county into maryland as well as jefferson county, west virginia as well as louden county, northwestern portions of louden county. we'll zoom in on this storm right here. this storm is making its way down to the south and east, and making its way down fairly slowly. it's not moving very fast. it has a ton of lightning associated with it. you can see right now, the storm
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just to the north and west of boonz borrow. well to the north and west of frederick, areas in the line of that storm, eventually down around brunswick. we're going to continue to watch that storm very closely. also, we're watching the heat index across portions of the region. take a look at the watches and warnings, the excessive heat warnings in pink right there. the heat watches in the red, that includes our area for the day on thursday. heat index possibly between 105 and 110 degrees. if you think it's hot out there, it's going to get a lot warmer. elaine reyes is live in toward arlington. you've been out there all day long, it's been a hot day behind you. some people are trying to get a little bit of relief. >> reporter: that's right. and you know what, we had some showers come through here just a few moments ago, just a quick ten minute shower, that didn't
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affect any of the kids out here, they didn't know the difference. people have been trying to stay in the shade, drink fluids. they're trying to keep their time outside limited. anything involving water is very popular. some local municipalities are also planning ahead for the end of the week. they want to remind residents of the measures they have in place for extreme heat. arlington county has a summer cooling program, the number is on your screen. residents can qualify for fans or help with their electric bills, even to buy some ac units. prince georges county told me earlier today, they will offer free bus service if we hit a code red weather day later this week. several agencies in the district are working together right now trying to come up with a plan. they are going to provide cool places for residents like libraries, some senior centers
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and they're also talking about extending their pool hours. the heat, nothing new to this region. everyone has their go-to plan of what to do. triple digit temperatures really have some people planning ahead. >> that's good news, it's something we have to do. live from around ton this evening. you want 20 make sure you have your plans all set as far as what you're going to be doing over the next couple days too. it's not just our region feeling this heat across the country. a majority of states remain under a heat advisory or watch tonight as michelle franzen reports, the scorcher is unbearable and dangerous. >> it's the heat wave that just won't give up. in chicago, venturing out meant taking cover or taking time to cool off the scorching heat and humidity that has gripped much of the country for weeks has now moved to the northeast. with the majority of states experiencing 90 plus temperatures. just outside philadelphia, workers repaired a section of an
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exit ramp to heavily travelled i-95 that buckled under the extreme heat. in charlotte, road crews also braved the hot sun and even hotter working conditions, making it harder to keep cool. >> just be extra cautious. take your breaks. find you some good shade. the wind's blowing, that's real good. >> workers and the elderly run the biggest risk for heat related problems, doctors say this on going heat wave has the potential to affect anyone. >> the single biggest thing is to keep hydrated. you can use water or gatorade. it's easy to get behind on the hydration status. >> reporter: pace yourself. in the coming days there will be little relief. instead temperatures could reach near 100 degrees in parts of the midwest and northeast. michelle franzen, news 4. three children and two adults were rushed to the hospital today from a d.c. park
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after a large tree branch fell on top of them. they were taking part in vacation bible camp in garfield park in southeast. the tree snapped and fell without warning. >> there was no wind, no rain, no reason at all for this giant limb to come crashing down. >> and it just fell. >> just like that? >> just like that. it just fell. >> reporter: ambulances, fire trucks, hurt kids, a shock wave of concern. >> yes, i was upset, crying. who would have dreamed a tree would have fell -- a limb, you know, on our children. >> it's not often you see crime scene tape where the suspect in the case is a tree. but that's what happened here today. they say the kids were marching under this tree when that limb, that very big and heavy limb
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without notice without warning came tumbling down on top of them. >> one minute everything's fine and the next a tree just comes tom blung down. it was the people's church vacation bible camp. 25 kids of all different ages. >> we have serious injuries. two older people had pretty significant injuries we would say, priority one. they were taken to local trauma centers, and the three kids, several other kids were evaluated. they have some fairly serious injuries, nonlife threatening. >> everybody's supposed to be okay. the people's church vacation bible camp, every day they do something different. tomorrow they're supposed to go roller skating. i'm pat collins, news 4 washington. >> the fbi arrested a man from fairfax today and accused him of being on the payroll of the
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pakistani spy service. he's an american citizen, he's the executive director of the kashmiri american council. he's not charged with espionage. authorities say he made thousands of dollars in political contributions without disclosing his ties to the pakistani government. he's charged with being an unregistered agent or lobbyist of the pakistani government. vincent gray attended a groundbreaking event today. new questions are being raised about his campaign for mayor. this time it involves how his 2010 campaign raised and accounted for tens of thousands of dollars in cash. tom sherwood is here with the story for us. >> there was already a formal investigation into gray's campaign expenditures. now there are new questions about contributions to his campaign. gray's campaign raised at least $57,000 in cash that exceeded legal limits of $25 contributions.
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it says the campaign hit the money by issuing higher value and legal money orders using different names. it's unclear why it was done. >> so that there are allegations of improprieties, we want to get to the bottom of that also, we want the answers and we will fully cooperate as we have thus far with the investigation. >> gray's campaign is being formally investigaby suleman brown. he alleges gray operatives paid him cash and money orders and later gave him a city job. before a groundbreaking tuesday, gray said he regretted new questions are being raised saying he hopes official investigations will find wrongdoing if any. >> there were a lot of money orders in your campaign. it may be that's how suleman got his campaign money. any thoughts? >> i don't know. one can speculate on lots of things associated with this.
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we're looking for the facts to come out, as i indicated before. fully cooperate. >> the ongoing investigation and reports are keeping gray's administration off stride. community leaders agree campaign and legal authorities need to clear the air as soon as possible. >> we're clear on this trouble. we start it all over again and get the help from everybody that we need. >> i think they will. i think they'll get to the bottom of everything, and we'll put it behind us and continue to look forward. there's so many more things to look forward to in the city. these things will be forgotten most of them. >> mayor gray said he won't let the campaign questions distract him from his work as mayor. it was all the reporters were asking about today. jim and doreen, back to you guys. >> i think he's getting used to it, isn't he? >> yes, he is. when we come back at 6:00 alien snakehead fish are back in
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maryland waters today. the discovery may be a bad sign for local happen tat. >> the victim and the suspect were not alone in the home. >> the so-called gang of six lawmakers offered up a deal, but it could already be doomed. there could be a prevention for alzheimer's disease, and it could come down to seven lifestyle changes. peyton manning wants to be a free agent. why the nfl may grant him that right. how jason marquis did his
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an invasive northern fish head was found south of annapolis. biologists from the smithsonian were conducting a routine survey when they stumbled on to a 23-inch mature female. there are worries, because snakeheads are prolific predators that can crowd out other species. snakeheads are native to china. a pond in maryland was intentionally poisoned to get rid of them when they invaded the area a few years ago. >> the effort to eradicate them by poisoning the pond. >> maybe it didn't work. >> didn't quite make it. >> what else can we talk about because the scorchingly unbearable heat. >> the heat, the humidity, every time we get it here, we get
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dramatic temperatures over 100 degrees, nothing compared to what they're seeing in the west right now. you know it's on the hot side, we're also starting to see some relief in the form of showers across parts of the area. not everyone's seeing this rain, could you see the rain coming in along the potomac from arlington county, right on down through the alexandria area also on the same picture you can see the sun in the background. 97 degrees, we have hit 97 or greater six times so far this summer. and i think we're going to hit it, at least thigh, maybe four more times over the next couple days. excessive heat watch in effect for thursday. tomorrow is going to be another very hot day. 94 degrees, the current temperature out there right now with the heat index close to 100 across the area. it's 100 at the airport. i expect the number to come down as the shower is making its way across the region.
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91 right now in leesburg. all the areas in the 80s and 70s, that's where we've seen the rain come through. that's helped to cool us down a little bit. 95, the heat index in gaithersburg, 98 in manassas. 110 the heat index in fredericksburg. your heat index could be over 120 the next couple days. doppler radar showing a big storm right over toward portions of washington county, into western frederick county, we're going to continue to zoom in on that one, and then another system developing in around the district. this is just to the south of hagerstown and burkettsville right now. a lot of lightning associated with this storm. right along 6. it will make its way down toward the brunswick area and eventually in toward northern portions of louden county. another storm just to its west right around martinsburg, watch out for that storm too. the area around fairfax county, here's the shower coming over
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the airport right now. another one back toward idle wood, down toward vienna and tyson's corner, another one down toward 495 and springfield. all just showers, nothing severe except for the storm. here's another storm around the done kirk area, and then another down toward the chesapeake beach. they're popping up all across the place. i told you some areas are really hot, look at minneapolis, 114 for a heat index right now, 109 in st. louis, 111 in indianapolis, and the heat is going to continue to make its way toward the east. the humidity will increase over the next couple days too. and we're really in for dangerous heat over the next couple days. make sure you're checking in on the elderly, bringing the pets inside, and never, never leave anybody or anything in that hot car. partly cloudy, hot and humid, scattered storms this evening. tomorrow morning waking up to
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very warm temperatures into the mid-70s around 76 inside the district. sunrise tomorrow around 5:59. the last time the sun will rise in the 5:00 hour all year long. how about that. mostly sunny, hot and humid, isolated thunderstorms in the west. temperatures in the low to mid-90s tomorrow. we get into the upper 90s to 101. i think we're going to stay hot right on through the rest of the weekend sunday coming in with the temperature of about 96. but that could be warmer, we're waiting to see if a frontal boundary will help to cool us down a little bit as we head into next week. >> 5:00 a.m. is probably the best time to get out if you want to get some cool air. >> yes, 5:59 a.m. that's it. coming up at 6:00 tonight, presidential hopeful michele bachmann is talking about a medical condition that has landed her in the hospital. a florida teenager is accused of murdering his
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a judge denied bail today for a 17-year-old florida boy accused of murdering his mother and father. he appeared in port saint lucou lucie court. he's charged with beating his parents with a hammer. he held a party downstairs while his parents laid dead upstairs in bed. a judge has assigned him a public defender. president obama announced today there may be a breakthrough in the battle over raising the nation's debt limit. the plan has bipartisan backing. there are questions whether there's time to get it into passable shape before the august 2nd deadline. president obama announced
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what he called the good news. >> i think we now are seeing the potential for a bipartisan consensus. >> a proposal by the gang of six. three democrats and three republicans in the senate, plus neubachers. it would raise the debt limit. deeply cut spending and add the tax hikes demanded by democrats. >> so that we have an approach in which there is shared sacrifice. >> the obama revelation undercut house republicans. they're pushing through a debt ceiling hike linked to a constitutional amendment. >> cut federal spending at least back to its '08 levels. >> without imposing higher taxes on the small business people. >> but the democratic senate rejects that. >> the short term debt ceiling deal crafted by senators mcconnell and reid is plan b. >> i think it's responsible for us to look at plan b would look like. >> tea party organizations sent
6:26 pm
a letter warning republicans not to back plan b. and a crowd of tea party lawmakers marched to the white house demanding no deal on the debt without big cuts. >> we're here because the american people told us overwhelmingly cut the spending, cut the debt. >> in fact, mens are divided. 55% of the usa today poll said spending is the big problem. 55% in the nbc news poll said not hiking the debt ceiling is a serious problem. both issues could get fixed by the gang of six plan. >> more than 50 senators from both political parties attended today's gang of six meeting up here. that's a positive sign. now, getting the details of the deal worked out in time to beat the august second deadline, that is plan a. i'm steve handlesman, news 4, capitol hill. gop presidential hopeful michele bachmann says her migraine headaches would not
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prevent her from being an effective commander 234 chief. the minnesota congresswoman was responding to a report that her headaches were landing her in the hospital. she said she's prescribed prescription medication that helps her keep them under control. while she appreciates the concern for her health, she's more concerned about the debt debate in washington. when we come back at 6:00, nfl star michael vick made a special trip up to capitol hill today with a plan that could toughen dogfighting laws. a woman assaulted by an intruder with her children in the home. the man responsible is still out there. and may have a specific target. the shuttle atlantis crew has done something it will never do again. jason marquis gives the nat's bullpen some much needed rest. the kastles run their win streak to two games
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rupert murdoch's wife sprang to her husband's defense today
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during a british parliament hearing on the phone hacking scandal. wendy murdoch in the pink jacket jumped up and slapped a spectator who tried to throw some sort of cream pie in her husband's face. >> five people are recovering from injuries they got when a tree branch fell on them at a park in southeast washington today. the three children and two adults were picnicking with a bible camp at garfield park. their injuries are not life threatening. mayor gray is facing new questions about his campaign for mayor. the post reports his campaign accepted thousands in donations that seeded the $25 limit. at least $57,000 worth. today the mayor vowed to get to the bottom of it. >> there's a manhunt in a alorton neighborhood tonight. now the woman's neighbors may have been toargeted as well.
6:32 pm
>> it appears the man forced his way in while the family slept. >> reporter: two baseball bats, that's what one resident is keeping handy ever since a man broke into her neighbor's unit and sexually assaulted the woman. >> i'm prepared, i have two bats, i have a gun. they come here, i will take them out. >> reporter: the damaged screen leading to the bedroom is a chilling reminder of the attack that took place around 6:00 a.m. saturday when a masked man broke through the window. inside, a mother and her three daughters, aged two to nine. >> the victim in this case was awoken by a man in her bedroom in the morning hours. that man sexually assaulted her and fled her apartment. >> she did have children in her apartment as well. they were not injured during the attack. >> reporter: when the suspect fled the apartment, he didn't have far to go to find cover, thick woods are located right behind the apartment. a neighbor called 911, and police arrived quickly with blood hounds, the suspect was not found.
6:33 pm
investigators have returned to the apartment complex every day since distributing these flyers to other residents warning them of what happened. word spread about the weapon carried by the suspect, a hammer. this neighbor just two units away called 911 sunday night, when she heard noises and discovered her screens had been damaged. one had been pushed in, another cut. >> it looks like somebody's actually -- for them to cut it out. that's -- and that's where my children sleep, so it's really scary. >> it's hard to sleep at night. they have a lot of the neighbors that are on edge. >> another first floor resident the one with the baseball bats also called police to inspect damage to her window. she doesn't want her face shown, but says she scared off a suspicious man the other night. >> to me, it seems like they're casing the places where it's just women. >> reporter: she and other neighbors will continue to take extra precautions until the attacker is caught.
6:34 pm
a teenaged girl says she was sexually assaulted while riding metro's green line. officials say she told the nailer road station a man attacked her on an outbound train. this happened in april, but information is just now coming out. metro officials didn't release details sooner because the suspect was arrested immediately, and they wanted to protect the girl's identity. virginia is among about a dozen states around the country finishing this fiscal year with a surplus. the state will end the year with an extra $300 million in the bank. that's because income tax receipts were higher than expected. this is the second year in a row virginia has finished the fiscal year with a surplus. michael vick is throwing his support behind a new bill to crack down on dogfighting. this bill would make it a federal crime to do something
6:35 pm
vick used to do. attend organized animal fights. jane watrell reports. >> i think everything happens for a reason. everyone i think i'm standing at this poetd kbrum for a reason. i work with the humane society for a reason. >> reporter: michael vick tells capitol hill staffers, he plans to use his starpower to educate others about animal cruelty. >> i deeply regret my previous involvement in dogfighting, i'm sorry for what i did to them. during my time in prison i told myself i wanted to be a part of the solution and not the problem. >> reporter: he appeared with the head of the humane society of the united states and two sponsors, including jim moran. introduced in congress today, hr-2492 would make it a federal crime to watch animal fights, it would also go after those who arrange the gambling. >> it's the spectators who pay fees to come into the fights,
6:36 pm
and it is the spectators who do the side bets and the gambling that enable the profits to occur at these animal fighting ventures. >> the hampton virginia native served 18 months in prison for operating an illegal interstate dogfighting ring for five years. he said he became involved in dogfighting since he was a youngster, and has teamed up with the humane society to talk to children about steering clear of these gruesome events. >> if you have idle time, if there's nothing to do within your neighborhood or your community and you don't have community leaders who can deter you in a different direction, then, of course, you can fall into that trap. >> reporter: by going after spectators at animal fights, michael vick and the bill's sponsors say it will close a legal loophole that should lead to the elimination of the controversial sport for good. on capitol hill, jane watrell, news 4. >> michael vick wasn't the only
6:37 pm
one visiting capitol hill today. why martin sheen was there. and in a bad economy, there'
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>> as we've been mentioning,
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we've seen some relief in parts of the area, we were at 96 degrees last hour, now at the airport 84 degrees, a result of some rain that's moved through parts of the area. most areas still extremely hot and extremely humid, but we are watching storminess as well. some of the storms even strong to severe back toward the west, watching a storm that's been severe over toward portions of jefferson county, right around charlestown right now. we're going to take this lightning off. you can see what i'm talking about here. right around harper's fairy and sandy hook. as we move down toward the east around north springfield seeing that storm. also to the east of franconia. some of the rain coming down pretty fast, pretty moderately, and then a line of showers from 301 from rosariville down toward dunkirk and calvert county. the rain will move out tonight, we have another hot day tomorrow, high temperatures will
6:41 pm
once again be in the mid-90s. i'll be back in a little bit to let you know how hot we get coming up this weekend. seven lifestyle changes could help cut your risk for developing alzheimer's disease. that's according to scientists at the university of california. changes include quitting smoking, exercising, enhancing mental activity, controlling blood pressure and diabetes and managing obesity and depression. the study does not prove the lifestyle changes prevent the disease. martin sheen and matthew perry are speaking out in support of a program to rehab nonviolent drug abusers. the two joined thousands on the hill today, they're asking congress to provide $88 million in funding for the drug courts for next year. drug courts combine treatment and accountability programs as an alternative to encarceration. both sheen and perry have publicly battled either alcohol
6:42 pm
or drug addiction. want job security? get a job with the federal government. a survey finds workers in many federal agencies are more likely to die than get laid off or fired for poor performance for misconduct. for the fiscal year ending last year, more than 11,000 federal workers were fired, that's only half of 1% of its work force. the private sector fires about 3% of its workforce every year. neither the federal communications commission nor the federal trade commission fired or laid off a single employee all of last year. >> what's coming up? >> this is going to get a lot of people talking. especially here, but i'm not going to say anything. so you can fill in the blanks. how peyton manning could be a free agent after the lockout.
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the space shuttle atlantis undocked from the international space station for the last time today. atlantis is expected to be back on the ground by early thursday morning, ending the mission and
6:46 pm
the 30--year-old shuttle program. >> and that's fuelling questions about the next era of space flight. jay gray takes a look into the future. >> physical separation, houston. >> reporter: as the shuttle turns away from the international space station. >> we anticipate great things to follow from the men and women who build, operate and live there. we can see a great thing has been accomplished. farewell, iss, make us proud. >> reporter: nasa is also saying good-bye for now to man the space flight. the space agency will launch satellites and earth science missions. nasa administrators were reprimanded for not having a plan for manned flight in place. >> i hope i can bring you with all deliberate speed. but sometimes all deliberate speed in this town is not as fast as we'd like. >> budget cuts have opened up the next generation of low orbit
6:47 pm
ships to contractors from we have to make huge adjustments in cost and space transport. >> reporter: space x is considered the current leader in a race between four companies hoping to be the first manned ship. the last man to walk on the moon doesn't believe there's anyway the private industry can take a huge step so fast. >> the commercial sector is still walking around like a young kid learning to walk. they don't know yet what they don't know. >> reporter: many fear those who do know will be squeezed out of the new equation. at its height, the shuttle program employed nearly 13,000 people. when "atlantis" wheels run to a stop, only 300 remain.
6:48 pm
as the focus now shifts to deep space exploration targeting a trip to an asteroid and mars in the next 20 years. >> reporter: nasa will still travel to the international space station. the russian space agency will ferry astronauts at nearly $63 million a trip. an update on the snnfl. >> this is is the big news of the day. peyton manning wants to be a free agent according to a "boston globe" report. they're asking to be exempt from a franchise tag for the rest of their careers. manning and brees are among ten players involved in this lawsuit which is one of the sticking points still holding up a new deal. player representatives from each of the 32 nfl teams have arrived to work on the details of the new agreement.
6:49 pm
also a group of retired players have been included in the discussions. a vote by the current players could happen as soon as tomorrow night. here's envelonflpa executive wi plan. >> it's been a long day, it will be a long night. players are working very hard to do the right thing and lay the groundwork for the rest of the week. and again, we've got to trust the process make sure we get this right, it's very important to the players that they get this right, which is why they've been involved and working so hard. >> going back to peyton manning, there's probably a very longshot that he would ever come here, because i'm sure the owner of the colts would be -- give him anything he wants. but i -- knowing myself and the other sports fans, you like to think, what if? >> there's hope. >> it's hard to believe ten players could hold up the whole deal for everybody. >> you know what, i don't think that's going to be the ultimate
6:50 pm
problem, i think they'll eventually -- these ten guys are going to say, it's better for the league, we'll subside, we'll make some sacrifices to get it done. we'll see what happens, though. >> from the nfl lockout to the nba lockout. several players are exploring the option of playing overseas. today the league released its schedule for next season. now, if there is a next season, the defending champion, dallas mavericks and bulls would tip off on november 1st. the wizards would play their first road game against miami november 6th. it may be too early to circle your calendar. but you can at least hope there will be a season and have your sharpie standing by. >> talking baseball now. jason marquis is on the mound he gives the club a good chance to win. consider this, the nats are 13-6
6:51 pm
in games that jason marquis starts, including last night's victory against the astros. before the game, jason marquis playing frisbee, this is actually called an arobie. it's a high performance frisbee, just so you know. jason michaels, down and inside. marquis struck out michaels twice in the game. top four, still no score, danny espinosa rips one up the middle. check out sanchez, diving glove stop to second. take another look at this. that is beautiful. great play by sanchez to start the dp. saves a couple base hits and runner there's. top five, michael morse at the plate. he crushes one to left over the mini-train tracks. he gets his 50th rbi of the season and 16th home run, it's 1-0 nationals. bottom 8, tied at 2. marquis still in the game.
6:52 pm
jeff keppinger at the plate, he gets him swinging. marquis struck out nine in eight innings. top nine now, still knotted at 2. ryan zimmerman, up with a man in scoring position, he delivers. base knock to right. the nats go on to beat the astros 5-2 thanks to a great pitching performance by jason marquis. here's a happy skipper. >> the fact is on the airplane, when he got on coming here, nine innings, that's all i need. you didn't give me nine, but you gave me a pretty good eight. you pitched a great game. i thought he was in command all day long. he made one bad pitch to lee. other than thatting he was letter perfect. tennis now, the washington kastles are attempting to make history, trying to become the second squad in world team
6:53 pm
tennis history to complete a perfect regular season. last night coach murphy jetson giving his team a pep talk. he puts away the volley, stubs and pays win. >> reynolds taking on remick. check out this return here. rips it right by him. >> threw it. >> it looked like it, rips it right by him, the kastles win 25-14. the kastles play in albany, where the featured match is between martina hingess and the crass els serena williams. hometown hockey. alex ovechkin is thoroughly pleased about what the team did during free agency. it was unbelievable that the team picked up several quality players. one of those players roman hamrlik who arrived in
6:54 pm
washington today for the first time since signing with the capitals. hamrlik signed a two-year $2 million contract. he played the last four seasons with the canadiens, in 79 games last season, he recorded five goals, 29 assists. he hopes to pair with mike green and hamrlik also says he has a lot left in the tank. >> at my age, i'm not younger any more. i can list him as a chance -- i think i'm still have a few years left to play good hockey. and it gives us a good opportunity to play for a home team. >> the caps did a good job in free agency. they'll have mike greenback there. and carl olzner. >> it will be nice to see people on ice skates too.
6:55 pm
coming up, robbers didn't stand a chance against one little dog with a mean attitude. for all your news be
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a vivid display of mother nature's power and beauty. get a good look at this. italy's mount etna is erupting for the sixth time this year. the volcano is a major tourist attraction on sicily. the local airport closed for several hours. mount etna also made the clocks jump 15 minutes ahead. hundreds of people began showing up for work early. i hate when that happens. we could use that around here. >> yeah, we could. >> get in early. >> that never works. you're always outfoxing it. you know it's 15 minutes fast. a small but fearless guard
6:59 pm
dog scared off some robbers at a store in california. the guys thought they had this one planned out, they did not expect a run-in with paco, the chihuahua, when they tried to rob a smoke shop in los angeles county. they ended up with cash, but not everything they could have taken thanks to a big bark from a neighbor dog. paco is usually laid back and quiet. not this time, though. neither the dog nor the owner was hurt. >> everybody needs a paco. >> yeah. >> that's a big watchdog. >> they're going to have them at every single convenience store now. we have storms that are actually firing up and becoming a little stronger, especially in southern portions of maryland, southern prince georges county, charles county. the biggest storm still back to the west into west virginia. jefferson county right now around charlestown getting hit fairly hard by that storm. that one's coming through portions of western louden

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